Here’s a harsh fact of life: illegal downloading at college can be a career-killer when you go looking for a job.

Many companies won’t hire candidates who have copyright violations on their college record. They have too much at stake. In recent years, they’ve had to pay millions in fines and damages because some employee illegally installed software on multiple computers or copied software for a friend. No company can afford to have a copyright pirate on the payroll, and they are screening job applicants to identify potential trouble-makers before they are hired.

In fact, you could find yourself unemployed just for having a permissive attitude about illegal downloading. They take this stuff very seriously in the business world. Intellectual property is a core asset in most industries today, and respect for intellectual property is a requirement. So who’d hire someone who thinks there’s no harm in stealing intellectual property by downloading computer software, music, movies, and games?

See for yourself by reading what business executives had to say about illegal downloading in a March 2006 BusinessWeek survey. It’s grim news for anyone who’s been hanging out on a file sharing network.





TO: College Graduates
FROM: Business Professionals
RE: Your Future

This memo summarizes current policy with regard to file sharing attitudes and behaviors in the evaluation of job candidates by hiring executives and the supervision of employees by corporate managers.

Hiring Executives
File sharing history is a factor in the hiring process.
Would not hire an applicant who has a permissive attitude
about file sharing.
Would not hire an applicant who has a record of illegal

Corporate Managers

Forbid all file sharing in the workplace.
Monitor employee use of the Internet.
Fire or discipline employees who engage in illegal downloading
on the job.


(Source: BusinessWeek Research Services Survey,
conducted for the Business Software Alliance, March 2006)



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