Everybody loves a bargain. And the chance that you’ll find a real bargain on the Web is what makes Internet shopping so sweet.

But when you’re shopping for software, the sweetest deals usually are “too good to be true.” You’re probably getting a fake, and the only one who will make out like a bandit is the thief who sold it to you.

Wise up! Learn the tell-tale signs of online scams and why they can cost you big time in the end.

No-Bid Bargains
Here’s a typical auction listing for bargain software. What’s wrong with this picture? Click on the hidden links to find out.


Act Now
Here’s another typical come-on, this time delivered by email. What’s wrong with this picture? Click on the hidden links to find out.

The Payoff
Suppose you fall for one of these scams. What’s the harm, besides a little embarrassment? Plenty. When you get duped, you can get –

  • Defective software that won’t work.
  • Out-of-date software that won’t run on your operating system.
  • Bait-and-switch software that isn’t what you ordered at all.
  • Counterfeit software that can’t be upgraded.
  • Trojan horse software that comes with computer viruses or spyware.
  • An inbox stuffed with spam from other swindlers who know you’re an easy mark.

See for yourself. Click here for a video in which a convicted software pirate and a duped bargain-hunter talk about the real risks of software piracy.

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